ATSSA “Prep-Before-Stripe” Workshop

ATSSA “Prep-Before-Stripe” Workshop

ATSSA is soliciting all striping contractors and government agencies to participate in our Prep-Before-Stripe Workshop

Smith University

 “Making Our World Safer, One Prep at a Time”

SMITH University

Why SMITH University?

Lack of roadway and walkway surface preparation standards and guidelines is a growing frustration. Knowledgeable contractors understand the importance of preparing surfaces correctly prior to installing any new coating or overlay.

However, they are unable to invest the time and effort required due to the lack of clear specifications in contracts. They are frustrated with the rise of unqualified contractors entering the industry, and winning jobs due to their failure to correctly prepare the surface.

Preparing surfaces requires the correct surface profile, clean and dry for the coating or overlay material to be installed. Surface preparation is not surface cleaning.

Information must be available to everyone and that manufacturers, contractors, architects, engineers, affiliate associations and governments must all be involved in promoting the benefits of good surface preparation practices.


Mission of SmithU

The mission of SmithU is to be a resource for education and information to improve the quality of concrete and asphalt surface preparation in accordance with best practices.

To accomplish our mission, SmithU educational programs must disseminate technical information on surface preparation, from academic curriculum and research in publications, workshops, events and meetings to membership, the industry, owners, governments and the public.

We are absolutely committed to the freedom to think, to question, to criticize, and to dissent. We will pursue the value of excellence in our research and educational missions with the single-mindedness that only great commitments deserve.

We will provide our students with the foundations for ethical citizenship and service to others, a respect for differences among people, and a commitment to high standards of thought and communication. We also will prepare them for rewarding lifelong careers and will imbue in them a continued and permanent desire for the study of knowledge and the search for truth.

 Earning a SmithU Certificate

Are you looking for safer and longer lasting concrete and asphalt surfaces? If so, SmithU has programs to help you achieve more consistent and accurate surface finishes to help manufacturers, architects, governments, inspectors and contractors make better decisions prior to installing a new coating or overlay.

Afterwards, you’ll be certified with the right surface preparation knowledge of getting the surface right before moving on to the application step.

SmithU Programming and Workshops

  • Erase pavement markings, symbols and messages without grooving or undulations.
  • Prepare concrete and asphalt surfaces to assure coatings, markings and toppings perform right the first time.
  • Grind, groove and shave using the right equipment and cutting tools.
  • Eliminating ADA tripping hazards on walkways and sidewalks
  • Increase surface traction to prevent skidding, slipping and falling
  • How to achieve the right concrete or asphalt profile prior to installing the new coating or overlay.
  • Repairing surfaces that spall, crack, peel, chip, or release.
  • Eliminating ghosting, grooving or surface shadows from prior markings or coatings.
  • Making surfaces that we work, play or commute on safer and last longer.
  • Preparing surfaces faster, safer, and more cost-effectively with correct surface finishes.


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