Why SMITH University Membership?

We are absolutely committed to the pursuit of lasting safer surfaces through education, specifications, performance and best practices and are looking for others that share the same interests.

Our goal is to educate, share, sustain and grow the knowledge base on how best surface preparation practices makes all surfaces safer and longer lasting. All programming will be focused on how quality surfaces start with successful surface preparation practices.

Our membership is open to anyone looking for better methods to empower them to get the safer, lasting surfaces they deserve to make their daily commute, play and work faster, safer, cost-effective, more satisfying.

Surface Preparation Contractors, Coatings Contractors, Striping Contractors, Architects, Government Planners, Designers, Engineers, Inspectors, Construction and Maintenance Operators, Material Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, Resellers, Facility and Plant Owners, Property Managers, Community Leaders, Activists and anyone that owns, operates, maintains surfaces as well as anyone that uses surfaces to walk, bike, drive, play and work and are committed to finding ways for higher standards to make our world safer to join SmithU.

Our members agree that detailed surface preparation specifications, as a separate line item on every job, results in longer-lasting surfaces and better removal performance and are passionate about sustaining and making their world safer and last longer.All members are invited to participate in annual Surface Preparation Workshops held each December at SmithU in Pompano Beach, Florida.  SmithU offers attendees continuing education programming and will provide certificates to each student that completes each program.At SMITHU, together we will pursue the value of excellence in research and educational workshops with the single-mindedness to provide our members with the foundations for commitment to high standards in surface preparation.

SMITH University Membership